You may have noticed that many things have changed since you last logged into Mixform.  Do not panic!  You are viewing the new interface for managing your site: the Mixform Dashboard.

The public part of your site has not changed, the Mixform Dashboard replaces how you used to update your site.

Some of the major changes are:

 Log in Page

You no longer need to know your subdomain to login. You now log in at  We also nixed the "login name", you only need your e-mail address and password. Less things to remember!

 Simple Forms

The forms are now easier to use. Only the minimal amount of formation is needed to create a new project, or a new festival. Want to add more details? Just look for the >  arrow and click it to further customize that record with additional information. 

Instant preview

See exactly how your site looks with a click of a button. Simply click the View Website button, and you will be taken to the public side of your site. No more "edit", "delete" buttons litering your page view. 

The resume is the heart of the site

To update your projects and events, you will need to go to the resume section of the Dashboard. Projects and events will still have their own tabs and pages in your public site, independently of your resume tab. 

 Video Uploads

Uploading your videos doesn't have to be a pain. Check out the new upload form, it is a lot more friendly to use. More features are coming soon: better Vimeo and YouTube integration, and multiple file upload.

 Albums and Images

It's now easier to manage your albums: re-arange, crop and caption your existing images. The controls are intuitive: drag, drop, re-size. Most changes are automaticaly saved, sparing you a few clicks.


There is a lot more to come!

The Dashboard has been in the works for a few months, and completing it is a big miliestone for Mixform. It was a step forwad in making the site more user friendly. It also set the foundation for the development of future features. 

Feedback is always welcome. What do you think of the Mixform Dashboard?


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