To add the Facebook Like button to your homepage:

1) Log in to your portfolio.

2) Click Design

3) Click Homepage Layout

4) Click Edit Layout

5) Click Add Widget

6) Click Plugins (Facebook) and add the Facebook Like Box widget

7) Click Edit Content



8) Click Configure Facebook Plugin

A form will pop up. Paste your Facebook Page's url:

You can further customize how the plugin looks like, but you don't have to worry about these options if you don't want to. You can skip them for now:

Save the form, and then refresh the page to reload the plugin.
It will look like this (but with your FB page):
If you just want the "like" part, click Edit Plugin Settings and uncheck the show faces, stream, wall, and header options. Remember to refresh the page after saving, to reload the plugin. The result will be just the profile image and the "like" button:


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