You can now add a PayPal Payment Button to each one of your services listed on your services page.

First, you need to generate the button at

Next, embed the code from the button generator into your services page:

1) Log in to your portfolio.

2) Click Services

3) Click on the service you want to edit

4) Click Edit Details

5) Paste the embed code

After you submit the form, I'll get a notification e-mail, and I'll manually review and approve the code you submitted before it appears on your website. I'm taking this extra step as a precaution to keep scammers off the site. Because of the maintenance involved in approving each service, I'm limiting this feature to the following plans:

  • Basic Annual
  • Standard (Monthly and Annual)
  • Premium (Monthly and Annual)

I hope you enjoy this new feature. Any questions? E-mail me at


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