Visitors can now add comments to articles in your blog/news section.

Comments are enabled by default, but this feature is optional, you can turn it off anytime. To do so:

1) Log in

2) Go to your Blog tab

3) Click Blog Settings

4) Enable or disable comments by clicking the on/off switch

Before a comment appears on your site, you need to approve it. This gives you the chance to delete anything unprofessional before anyone sees it on your site.

To approve or delete a comment:

1) Log in

2) Go to your Blog tab

3) Click on the comment pending revision

4) Click "Approve" or "Delete"

After the comment is approved, it will appear on your article's page. The commenter's e-mail will not appear on your blog, it is available only to you in case you need to contact the person.

I hope you enjoy this new feature. Any questions? E-mail me at


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