You can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your Mixform portfolio.

Create a new video in your Dashboard as you normally would, but instead of uploading the video file, get the embed code from Vimeo or YouTube and paste it into the form. 

(You can also add all videos in your Vimeo account to your Mixform site at once.)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to embed just one video:

Adding a New Video: 

1) Go to Videos in your Dashboard.

2) Click Add New Video

3) Add Tittle, Description and Save.

4) Scroll down to Video Player.

5) Add the Embed Code from YouTube or Vimeo.

6) Save the form and you are done!

Updating Existing Videos:

If you already have a video hosted on Mixform, but would like to switch to YouTube or Vimeo instead:

1) Go to the video you would like to edit in your Dashboard.

2) Click Delete video file (switch to video embed from YouTube or Vimeo)

3) Follow steps 4 and 5 (above).

Can't find the embed code? 

Here is an article that will help you find the code on Youtube:

YouTube Help

And here is one for Vimeo:

Vimeo Help

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