You can show all your Vimeo videos on your Mixform site, without having to upload them to Mixform. All you need to do is add your Vimeo username to your settings on Mixform.

1) Go to Design in your Dashboard.

2) Click "Edit Third Party Options".

3) Enter you Vimeo username.

If you just want to embed one video at a time, check out this article: How to embed Vimeo and YouTube videos in your Mixform portfolio

Some gotchas:

You need to have the Standard or Premium Plan to use this feature, because there is no limit to how many videos you can show on your site by using this method.

If you need to edit your video, you must do it over at Vimeo. We are just pulling the information from Vimeo, not copying the video file.

Private videos will not be displayed.

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